Lordy, Lordy Jenny’s Turning 40!


Where: S-Connection Aerial Arts, 250 SE 10th Ave
When: Saturday, June 10 @9pm
How much: $10

Your eyes have not deceived you, friend, and now the bosom buddies of Gainesville’s home-grown burlesque queen Jenny Castle are throwing her a birthday bash for the ages!!!

Come join us and watch as your favorite local performers take the Biscuits & Gravy of Burlesque(TM)’s most polished and lovable acts, and turn them into LIFE-ALTERING PARODIES. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and these folks are ready to get RUTHLESS.

Talent will include:
Florence Rosé
Nicki Mirage
Formaldehyde Flower
Corey Souza
Rumor Hasset
Sally Sucre
Jadynn Starr
Della-Kate Flower
and introducing
Papa Pastie, and
The King!!!

And, for one night only, top and bottom will unite when Jenny Castle (or, as she’s known in the underground, DANNY TASSELS) joins forces with Kitty LaTush to host the show together!!!!

Dress to impress in as little clothing as possible, it’ll be hot! And don’t forget your cash!!!

… Seriously, folks, there’s no ATM there.


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