The Shimmy Shake Revue


The Shimmy Shake Revue was founded in February of 2011 by none other than the Drop Dead Red Head, Miss Morgan La Rue. On the scene for over a decade Miss La Rue has been breakin’ hearts in clubs and bars around town and across the country. Whether it’s the Fetish, Rock A Billy or Burlesque scene and everything sexy in between, there’s nothing the Fiery Temptress hasn’t done or seen.

Now this is not a troupe, but a Revue featuring a rotation of sultry seductresses form Shameless Burlesque, the Ritz Glitz Revue, Cupcake Burlesque, as well as performers from all over the U.S. and around the world. Look them up on Facebook for all the info your little hearts desire. And be sure to catch Morgan La Rue and her Shimmy Shake Revue at a venue near you. So ladies and gents, if you like naked girls and tassel twirls, put your hands together for Morgan La Rue and the Shimmy Shake Revue.